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A vine covered cottage .....

For years, my gardening focus has been on large quantities of annuals that were suitable for cut flowers.

Oh, I had perennials but I stayed away from things with shorter bloom times.  I chose flowers that had the most bang for my flower dollar.  I have linear gardens filled with zinnias, snapdragons, cosmos and lisianthus.

But I have needed more.  I want bushes with big fluffy blooms and roses whose scent fills the garden.
I want little gardens filled with spring surprises and summer excess.

I want a vine covered cottage.

OK .... I want to live at Green Gables.

Bottom line. 
That is it.
Green Gables is my goal.

Now ... it is going to be a little tough since I live in Iowa and not Prince Edward's Island.  But those small insignificant details are not going to discourage me.  I will have my gardens surrounding the natural beauty that is Iowa.

Last year was the beginning of my wayward dream.

We planted a row of peonies in front of the house.  We planted several beautiful David Austi…

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